abbey kelly

biz email: [email protected]

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Lark & Foolery

GTA based Improv School specializing in private workshops, performances, and teambuilding.


Graphic design, layout design, editing, game design, art direction and more. Specialization in the TTRPG space.


Next convention appearances, newsletter, TTRPG AP resume, and more.


A photoshopped imaeg of many Abbey's seemingly in a club.

I don't believe I am the right kind of person to limit myself to one medium. I heard the term "Jack of all trades" once and never looked back. (Quite likely because my grandpa's name is Jack and I found that amusing.)

I take on freelance gigs ranging from Production Assistant (Roast Battle Canada), to Art Director (Warrenguard, an upcoming dragon-riding TTRPG from Natalie Pudim) and most that lies in between. I'm currently editing a writer's first novel as well as plotting out my own. And, on an exciting note, in 2023 I self-published my first TTRPG Heads & Tales on

To work with me or chat about what I do, please contact me through my business email.

Branding & Logo Design


During the pandemic I dove headfirst into TableTop RolePlaying Games as a way to get my fill of improv online. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I fell in love with it.
Periodically I write the TTRPG Newsletter TTRPG Today, make appearances on streams and podcasts, and work on TTRPGs as a part of my freelance work. If you are curious about TTRPGs, I recommend you give them a try!
Heads & Tales (2023)
Art Director of Warrenguard (2024)
Upcoming Appearances
BreakoutCon 2024
Big Bad Con 2024
Pax Unplugged 2024
Links are (1) TTRPG Today, (2) Heads & Tales, (3) Warrenguard Backerkit.